From what I know, those anchor links are not simply created using HTML. From what I know, those anchor links are not simply created using HTML. We occasionally use anchor links in our longer WordPress posts to help users quickly jump to the section they want to read. I’m trying to create an anchor link to… They sorta work. Join today’s free webinar! But it is not working for me. If you somehow ended up here like me when finding out the anchor link to a SPA site doesn't work from an external site. How to Add Anchor Links in the WordPress Block Editor. When this happens, incompatibility issues start to appear. Is a free account with limited, and doesn’t allow anchor links? Ah sorry: I had looked at the code of the page – what I hadn’t looked at was the fourth paragraph of the intro!’> 2. You are here: Home / Forums / Enfold / Anchor link not working. I added anchor links to a beta site in wordpress. I turned each of the fallacies’ titles into a link so they could be copied and pasted elsewhere, and when clicked, it would jump to that spot in the page. Support » Fixing WordPress » Anchor Link not working, My main menu is set up as links to different anchors on the page. Above are some of anchor links examples. The anchor link is a link that redirects the user not to another web page, but to a particular part of the web page where he is currently located. Anchor link not working. In this “how-to” series I’m going to show you have to create named anchor links or some people call them anchor tags in WordPress. I've got anchor links in the nav menu of my site, and I can't get them to work properly. I just tried it and it doesn't fix the issue at all. Might be the issue is in loading the script ie. WPML team is replying on the forum 6 days per week, 22 hours per day. Testing the link in a new window does nothing. From what I’ve seen, the theme hasn’t been updated nor supported since 2016, unfortunately. They are made up of two parts, a hashtag link element, andan ID attribute. I’ve tested it with Chrome, Mozilla, Opera, and Edge, and the menu works only on Mozilla and Edge. I placed this into the list item I want it to jump to. 2. kind of links that instantly take you to a specific part of the page upon clicking The coding is correct, but the links produce some wrong URL character code after the actual URL. Kan Nguyen. Content Anchor. Brings me to the article, but not to the list item. Want to supercharge your site with the most current ideas for