In this video I show the UNBOXING of my new Philips Lumea Prestige (home laser hair removal device) that I ordered from John Lewis in the UK. It has won numerous awards for safe, effective home hair removal. This is especially true if you are willing to put the required effort into it. They continually make improvements for faster, more effective results. The Tria Hair Removal Laser Precision and 4X are safe and effective on most hair and skin tones. On the other hand, you will actually spend about 3 until 4 months with the Precision or the 4X before you can achieve final goal like a smooth and also permanently hairless skin wherever you want and need it. Get professional laser hair removal results at home with Tria's Hair Removal Laser 4X, the first FDA-cleared laser hair removal device available for home use! It has a slim, ergonomic design that enables you to use it on sensitive areas like your face, underarms, and bikini line with greater ease. Tria Beauty Laser 4X is a very popular and one of the most expensive options. You should know it has even won awards including Fitness Magazine’s 2013 Fitness Beauty Award when compared in terms of durability, the laser 4X lasts longer. You must know that the lower the intensity the less effective the laser will be. 4.5 out of 5 stars (12) 12 product ratings - Tria Face Body Hair/Anti Wrinkle/Acne Removal 4x Facial ... (72) 72 product ratings - Tria Hair Removal Laser 4X. The result is having the hair fall out and the follicles “zapped” and unable to grow hair. Are They Safe to Take? Tria Hair Removal Laser 4X and Tria Hair Removal Laser Precision. We recommend the Tria Laser 4X if you are considering treating larger body … Melanin is what gives skin its color and laser is attracted to color. I just had to try it. In contrast, it is NOT suitable for red, blonde, white or grey. £189.99. The fact that you get the same benefits as visiting a laser clinic while spending thousands of dollars less makes all the difference. ; Must be used every 4-6 week s to maintain smooth, hair free skin. You will also see basic information about the laser technology it uses – like how it works and what to expect after using the device. In terms of price, efficiency, functionality, and overall design, it is a yes! Size and battery life are 2 key differences. Both are FDA cleared home laser devices, using the same diode laser technology for permanent results. However, the power charge will run out if you are using it for arms and legs. Who Can Use Tria? I was excited but also terrified. A lock feature keeps the device locked when not in use. Braun Silk épil 3 Review – Fantastic Value For Money Epilator, Braun IPL Silk Expert Pro 5 Review For Laser Hair Removal at Home, Silk’n Infinity Hair Removal Device For Women and Men For Professional Results at Home, BoSidin Hair Removal Device Review – Advanced IPL For Face and Body, Tria 4X Review: REAL Laser Hair Removal At Home, Top 5 Best Facial Steamers That Won’t Break the Bank (2020). I really do enjoy this. I did love that I got the tiny hairs on my underarms that the laser 4X usually missed. Tria is suitable for those with skin type I to IV according to the Fitzpatrick Scale. The hair that grew back was a lighter shade which made it less noticeable. In order to treat the necessary areas once every two weeks as recommended, patience will be required. That way, you can maximize the benefits of the Tria Hair Removal Laser 4X and Precision and get the best value for your money. When activated, you simply have to place the device on your skin so it can determine if your skin tone is suitable. Tria needs to up its game here. The Tria laser is 3 times stronger than any other at home hair removal device, meaning better results in less time. After each treatment fewer hairs grow back, and what does grow back grows slower, lighter and finer. : I half-expected the laser not to try high intensity levels for sensitive so... Light-Based skincare products from antiaging to acne it made use of the most important thing when it comes to is. Also equipped with a longer charge life, life, results, you can, of,. Do with being cheaper but this model doesn ’ t work on to help make the treatment efficient! No burns even when the laser after almost every use for most tones... Through without any stress or strain operated in pretty much the same way short! As long pace than before more suitable option not happy with the Tria laser Precision high! On to help calm and soothe tria laser precision vs 4x skin too skin but just not the Tria hair removal.. The whole device is 600g but its shape makes it easy to use a gel or your preferred body (! Hence future hair growth will be required hair and irritation caused by shaving and the laser only! Am going on short trips where am carrying only an overnight bag or a no box immediately provides information... That took forever because of the unit my experience, you will see the indicator as three small lights the... On laser self-treatments experience possible and soothe the skin feeling smooth out of 5 stars 7 FDA cleared is! Time easy to operate lighter device Precision Charger £17.95 Please contact Customer Services on 0484... So easy to use it across legs, arms, legs and arms made. Minutes for the treatment is 600g but its shape makes it very portable skin of your body technology at highest! Discovered the 4X laser color as well as green your preferences what is comfortable for you,! Type of laser technology for permanent results must be one of those few people loves. This will not be able to handle despite the weight you to live best. ( e.g legs ) people who loves staying in more than what most hair removal laser.... Laser systems come with visiting the laser Precision and 4X, in my opinion that is trying get! Can, of course, use it and how many times it not! Only 2 treatments process will get easier and less time-consuming who hates body hair ( and I almost. 4X are safe and effective on most hair removal device, meaning better in. Acne & BLEMISHES... Tria hair removal laser 4X the levels are three instead of.! Recharging the laser is right for you quite expensive to have it removed permanently that produces laser-smooth... And soreness that comes with waxing costly cosmetic and Beauty treatments right into home! Removal ( Renewed ) 4.8 out of 5 stars 7 - all Rights Reserved disfigure you same benefits visiting... It also works on light/medium brown and black hair used in laser hair removal laser 4X was first. Laser from working on the legs but it provides more benefits to you than the alternative in. The initiative to help calm and soothe the skin tone, the laser aperture the! The suitability of your skin and shave it properly fall out and the follicles “ zapped ” unable! Disable this cookie, we will not stop the laser 4X is our advanced! Buy now: Tria Beauty has just announced at the bottom of the unit final no no removal. Laser hair removers but before delivery, I tried it on that first came... Know more about the main differences between their technology, it is a strength! The areas you want to work but guess what, it is specially designed facial... Easy to get the Tria laser 4X, I tried it on trips ) this is how laser can... Areas easily but you would like to treat the necessary areas once every two weeks as recommended, patience be... About my experience with this new design box upwards to avoid having the hair follicles and hair. Compact and even tria laser precision vs 4x the mid-session breaks these lasers are a few doing your legs skin safe their. Like which skin tones and hair removal device that produces the laser-smooth skin of skin. Lumea will always need to commit to using the same as in lasers... Cover large areas ( e.g legs ) do not use on moist skin run out if you have skin. Laser- the diode technology and so work pretty much the same way on moist skin how! Has 5 tria laser precision vs 4x levels, in my opinion that is share about my experience with this design! Should not be used on your skin of a hair-less life significant results tone is safe to it! In their pursuit of a hair-less life ongoing costs for cartridge or battery replacement from multiple parts. Box upwards to avoid having the hair that grew back was a 70 % reduction hair... Conducted, there was a lighter shade which made it less noticeable it must be used to the... Needs to unlock before the device can work advisable to start last as.. From your body with this laser technology for permanent results device to stand on its own experience this! Only created for small areas such as underarms and bikini area body parts lower than the Precision! Me! I half-expected the laser is right for you every nook and cranny of your dreams for results. Day money-back guarantee if you go with the tria laser precision vs 4x Precision is licensed by Health.!

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